Advancing health equity by expanding access to cancer precision medicine.

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A few of our trusted collaborators

Our Approach

We engage with our expanding network of community partners to recruit qualified patients to clinical trials, ensuring equitable representation in oncology research

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Clinics participating
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Case Study

PROMISE Registry: A Prostate Cancer Registry of Outcomes and Germline Mutations for Improved Survival and Treatment Effectiveness

See how we worked with The Oncology Institute (TOI) to deliver results.
Rapid engagement among community oncologists for pre-screening yielded 264 referrals since September 2023
of referred patients indicated interest in participating, 193 enrolled or pending enrollment on study

Provider Experience

We are delighted to partner with Trial Library. They understand the pain points experienced by community-based practices. The solution they provide is complementary to our existing workflows and does not add new burdens to the site.”

Cristina Green
Vice President of Clinical Research
The Oncology Institute

Trial Library is an evidence-based platform for improving patient recruitment and diversity in oncology clinical trials.

Our unique sponsored research model starts with fostering new connections between community providers, trial sponsors, and trial sites.

Along the way, we provide patients with personal 24/7 technology-enabled navigation services to overcome “last mile” challenges in trial enrollment.

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For providers

Get reimbursed to pre-screen for oncology clinical trials.

We cover everything from in-house clinical experts who help you identify the right patients for a clinical trial to ensuring your patients stay with your practice.

Navigation with our Ally team

Achieving inclusion in clinical trials forges a path towards equity in cancer outcomes.

Our research has shown that patient navigation support combined with resources to address social determinants of health (SDoH) improves oncology clinical trial recruitment and serves more diverse patient populations. Our Ally Navigators are trained to engage patients where they are in their treatment journey.

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Technology-enabled navigation services
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Our Ally Navigators are equipped with the tools necessary to facilitate enrollment from awareness and education to clinical trial matching and eligibility screening.
They act as advocates for patients embarking on the clinical trial journey and are available for support along each step of the way.

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Ally Navigators act as members of the clinical trial team who help coordinate a patient’s care.
Our clinical trial navigation services reduce burdens experienced by referring oncologists, patients, and clinical trial sites while seamlessly integrating communication among all stakeholders.

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Our evidence-based model uses an SDoH framework to improve participation in oncology clinical trials.

Ally Navigators use a combination of automation and human touch to deliver high quality and culturally competent services.

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Trial Library creates a curated list of sponsored clinical trials for providers.

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Practices are provided with paid opportunities to pre-screen patients.

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Trial Library provides last mile navigation support services to patients.

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