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Meet Juli!

Juli (pronounced “Hu-lee”) is one of our Ally Navigators at Trial Library. She was born in Medellín, Colombia, and has lived in New York, New Hampshire, California, and now Nevada! Throughout her travels, she is accompanied by her three-year-old black lab, Rory. Together with Rory, she loves hiking, running, and meeting new people. She also dedicates time to volunteering at local community events, blood drives, and working on social justice activities.

Juli has always loved engaging with her community. From volunteering and participating in social activities at Memory Cafe, a designated space for patients suffering from dementia, to baking for David’s House, a lodging facility for families with children receiving care through the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, she’s been able to apply her bilingual skills to service Spanish-speaking patients.

She also has a passion for research. She worked at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, studying the effects of substances on animal models of schizophrenia, and at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital–Oakland, conducting clinical trials with pediatric patients admitted to the intensive care unit.

When she joined Trial Library, she was excited to learn about the new tools the company was using to provide navigation guidance to new patients. She stated, “I feel like I’m helping make a long term difference in people’s lives, working to help people of all backgrounds access the opportunities they deserve.”

Her main focus will be providing navigation support to patients referred to an oncology clinical trial. The Ally Navigators practice cultural humility and connect patients to different resources that may ease the social and economic burdens associated with clinical trial participation. These burdens can include travel costs, lodging near the research facility, and more. Our multilingual Ally Navigators also help bridge the gap between healthcare providers and communities with limited English proficiency.

We are delighted to have Juli join us on our journey to build a more equitable and accelerated approach to clinical trials. If you have any questions for Juli, please feel free to contact her directly at

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