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Need help with pre-screening for clinical trials? Meet Alexandra!

One of the leading causes of delays in clinical trial timelines is slow patient recruitment and enrollment. Despite the majority of cancer patients receiving care in community settings (citation), clinical trials largely take place at academic institutions and tertiary care hospitals. Awareness of clinical trials relies heavily on treating physicians; yet limited exposure to clinical trials and an inability to access clinical trial information (such as recruitment status or slot availability) lead to referral hesitancy (citation). As a result, cancer patients in the community are less likely to participate in clinical trials. At Trial Library, we see this as a tremendous opportunity to advance health equity and cancer care.

Trial Library partners with oncologists in community oncology settings to engage in the clinical trial process, expanding patient access to cutting edge therapies and unlocking a new pool of research-engaged providers. We understand how limited research staff and lack of dedicated resources for navigating clinical trials may prevent community oncologists from enrolling patients in clinical trials. This is why Trial Library’s Clinical Trial Pre-screening Services are provided at no cost to community oncology practices. 

Our Clinical Data Coordinators (CDCs) work directly with staff in community oncology practices to streamline the identification of potential clinical trial participants. CDCs do not directly contact patients. Using a combination of medical records review and clinical judgment, we make it simple and straightforward for community oncologists to introduce new cancer treatment options to their patients. 

Clinical Trial Pre-screening Services are available remote or in-person. Clinical Data Coordinators have extensive experience in clinical trial study protocols, reviewing patient medical records, and up-to-date with industry standards for clinical research training (HIPAA, Human Subjects Research Protections, GCP). 

Meet one of our Clinical Data Coordinators, Alexandra!

Alexandra is a Bay Area Native and has a background in clinical operations and public health research. She is passionate about bridging gaps in health equity and is excited to streamline access to clinical trials for underserved populations by accelerating the pre-screening process as a Clinical Data Coordinator.

Are you interested in Trial Library Pre-Screening Services? Get in touch with us at to learn more.

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