Hello, I’m Dr. Hala Borno, CEO of Trial Library, and practicing oncologist.

As a practicing oncologist at UCSF, Principal Investigator for clinical trials, and health equity researcher, I understand the challenges of offering and enrolling patients in clinical trials.

With my colleagues at Trial Library, we’ve created a fair way to reimburse practices for participating in trial pre-screening.

Get paid to pre-screen your patient panel for oncology clinical trials.

It's a win for you and your patients.

6-month payment schedule for a typical community practice:
Trial 1 (Phase 3, low complexity)
Trial 2 (Phase 1, med complexity)
Trial 3 (Phase 1, high complexity)
Trial 4 (Phase 3, high complexity)
TOTAL paid to practice

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Search trial opportunities

View Trial Library sponsored pre-screening opportunities for nearby clinical trials.

Pre-screen your patients, or delegate the work to Trial Library

Pre-screen your patient panel or save time and effort by delegating up-front pre-screening activities to Trial Library clinical staff. Learn more

Discuss trials with matching patients

Discuss trial opportunities with patients who qualify, either at their next appointment or during a newly scheduled visit.

Patients receive free navigation services

Trial Library provides patient navigation services 24/7. We refer patients to transportation, food, and lodging resources.

Patients stay with your practice

Trial Library keeps you informed while your patient participates in the clinical trial. We help your practice schedule follow-up appointments with patients enrolled in trials.

Request sponsorship for your trials

If you are a research-capable site conducting trials, you can request sponsorship for your trials and recruit patients by working with Trial Library. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

Am I only paid if I refer patients to the clinical trials?

Absolutely not.  We reimburse providers solely for the time spent pre-screening patients and discussing trial opportunities with strong potential candidates, based on your clinical judgement.

How do I pre-screen?

We offer advice and suggestions on ways to utilize your EMR system to run queries and find prospective matches.  Pre-screening is a combination of manual and report-based tasks.

For each trial, we ask that you pre-screen your patient panel that represents the next 3 months worth of appointments.

To save time and effort, you can delegate most pre-screening activities to Trial Library. Learn more

Can Trial Library help with pre-screening if I don’t have enough time or resources?

Yes, we provide on-site or remote clinical resources that review your electronic medical record (EMR) system to run queries.  We will identify a shortlist of patients that match the trial criteria and then work with your staff to answer remaining questions about patient status to confirm strong potential matches for the clinical trial.

Please note: EMR access will need to be provided to a certified Trial Library clinical staff member if you choose this pre-screening option.

What do I do if a patient qualifies for a clinical trial?

If you have a patient that is a strong potential match for a clinical trial, you should contact the patient within 30 days.

You can provide the patient with trial information as well as information on Trial Library’s navigation support resources.

If the patient is interested in participating in the clinical trial, you should refer them to the trial through Trial Library’s website.

What navigation services does Trial Library offer?

Our ally navigators serve as liaisons for the patient and clinical trial site.

Patient services:

  • We evaluate social needs and provide individualized counseling to the patient.

Trial site services:

  • We deliver all relevant medical records to the trial study teams.

Provider services:

  • We keep you up-to-date on the patient’s status.
How is the pre-screening reimbursement amount determined?

Trial Library works with pharmaceutical sponsors to assess the complexity of the eligibility criteria for the trial as well other factors that affect the effort required by the practice to identify candidates for a clinical trial.

How do I get paid and how long does it take?

After you complete all pre-screening activities, you should submit a claim via our simple web-based form that takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.  We will review your claim and issue payment to the account you established during registration within 3-5 business days.

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