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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Josephson

Trial Library Network Provider Spotlight: Dr. David Josephson

Dr. Josephson is a practicing Urologic Oncologist and partner at Tower Urology, a Los Angeles-based private practice of 10 physicians treating patients across Southern California. Dr. Josephson is one of the leading experts in robotic surgery, specializing in minimally invasive techniques for the management of complex urologic disorders.

Why Dr. Josephson joined Trial Library’s clinical trial network

Although Tower Urology has its own research platform, Dr. Josephson is always looking for ways to help his prostate cancer patients access the latest in personalized therapies. Trial Library helped Dr. Josephson address this need by providing reimbursement to his practice to pre-screen patients for a nearby prostate cancer trial, with reimbursement provided regardless if any patients were identified or referred.

“I appreciate Trial Library’s model of providing reimbursement for pre-screening my patients for sponsored trials of interest to my practice. Before Trial Library, we would spend hours trying to find trials and without reimbursement, the job didn’t always get done. Trial Library solves this problem for our practice and patients.”
-  Dr. David Josephson

Patient navigation and retention were important factors as well

Initially Dr. Josephson was concerned about directing patients to another practice site, as even a short distance in Southern California can mean navigating a maze of freeways often filled with traffic. Fortunately, Trial Library provides every referred patient with patient navigation services. For one of Dr. Josephson’s patients, Trial Library Ally Navigators arranged for transportation to a nearby trial site and even helped get the appointment scheduled.

When applicable, Trial Library also helps get patients back to referring physicians so that the practice doesn’t lose a patient.

More trials

When asked what Dr. Josephson wanted from Trial Library, his answer was simple: “More trials,” noting that he is looking forward to working with Trial Library to pre-screen for new upcoming trials.

“It’s a real benefit to our practice to offer patients the latest therapies and thankfully Trial Library makes it possible for practices to find patients that may benefit. I’d definitely recommend Trial Library to my colleagues and other practices,” said Dr. Josephson.

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